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Friday, September 7, 2012

Where the Hell have you been?!?

My it has been a long time hasn't it? Between my toddler and work and taking night classes and everything else, there has been very little time for blogging. But that does NOT mean we here have NOT been doing some things in the world of typewriters.

There are going to be some interesting revelations coming up here, in particular regarding portable typewriters. What's that? You want a hint? Well my BROTHER and I will let the cat out of the bag when we are darned good and ready.

That little boy from the last post on this blog is almost TWO now! Don't worry, he hasn't wrecked any machines. Yet. But he loves to play with typewriters, especially the ones in my office! If you ever needed someone to test whether or not a "jam clear" key works, I've got the guy.

Now about that Remington Noiseless pictured above. You have seen that machine before, I'm sure, actually on this blog I bet. But it is noteworthy in that this is the first machine I HAVE EVER OWNED which actually made me absorb space in my home office to keep it out, to use, OVER keeping a Smith-Corona "5 series" variant handy to deploy whenever needed. Why? Well, anyone with a toddler might understand why. First off, becuause it is indeed Q U I E T! I can type at full speed down here in my office without waking up our little guy, or anyone else for that matter.

It took a lot of years and a lot of machines to displace a SCM "Super 5" variant from my office! Don't fret, though, one is still handy. OH and a Skyriter too just in case. But, if you don't own one of these, and you ever get a chance to type on one in good shape and in good adjustment, you will understand why I have adopted it for regular use.

Ahead for our blog, in between our other goings-on, there are some neat things coming up. SCM fans will enjoy them, BUT so will everyone else. My BROTHER and I have some fun things in store, so please check back.

David A. Davis


  1. Welcome back! I have been waiting for a post from you for a long time. Good to know you have a young typist in the family. They are quite a lot of fun.

  2. The blog lives! It LIIIIIIVES!!

    Good to see something here. I have never owned a big Remington Noiseless and it's interesting to know that it has impressed you so positively.

  3. Been wondering about your blog, so glad to see it alive again. More please!

  4. Damn nice machine that... And nice to hear that you have another repair-man in the works!