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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New pages added to our blog.

We've recently added two new pages to our blog.  One of them ("Reading List") contains brief descriptions of books that I consider to be essential reading -- or at least highly recommended reading.  This content replaces that formerly found on my now-gone Bravehost website ("Will's Typewriter Annex.")  As an aside, there was of course a lot of other content on that site and we'll be replacing the essential parts of that here as time permits.

The other page we've added is titled "Our Collection," and it presents some of our favorite antique machines, some of our favorite 'hard to find in the U.S.' machines, and historically significant machines.  There's also a list of machines that appeared for the first time anywhere on our sites - and of course, for all of those (and many more) we own multiple examples.  We will continue to add to that page - it isn't static.

We have also updated the "Our History" page to fill out some information and cover some of the high points of our collecting careers.

These page links are of course in a box in the right sidebar.  Check them out  -- we hope you enjoy the typewriters, and find the book information useful.

In a separate update topic... We've been in contact with Charlie Spiro, grandson of Charles Spiro, designer of the Visigraph seen recently on our blog, and have also circulated a timeline of events developed after some intense research on the Visigraph to a circle of collectors (all of whom own Visigraphs, of which twelve total are now known to exist.)  That timeline, and possibly some contributions by Charlie Spiro, will appear on the site soon.  There will be yet another separate article on the mechanics of the Visigraph, completing coverage on the machine.

Enjoy the links!  Now it's off to work for me - I have a long couple days ahead.

-Will Davis

8:00 AM   5/21/2013


  1. Thanks, Will, these are excellent additions. (Man, your Smith Premier 10A looks sparkling.) Good to see you engaged in the typewriter madness again. I'm impressed that you've contacted Charlie Spiro.

    1. Thanks so much, Richard! Peter Weil put us on to Charlie Spiro, who is sending some photos and promises to keep an eye out for any further discoveries.

      Glad you liked the Smith Premier 10A... there are more goodies to add to that page, but don't have the time right now. I have to grab a quick lunch, then it's back to work!

  2. Wow, that is a complement of double keyboard Smith Premier's to die for! I now now exactly how much pin striping mine is missing. Big fan of the blue Bar-lett too

  3. Thanks for the additions. I have already ordered some books and look to add a few more to my book shelves.

  4. Great additions, thanks Will.