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.Davis Typewriter Works

Friday, July 30, 2010

ABC project behind the scenes

The blog has gone a little quiet all of a sudden the last few days, largely because fellow collector and long time collaborator Thomas Fuertig and I are engaged in yet another enormous research endeavor concerning the West German-made ABC portables. We're investigating all of the various changes the machines took over the years, as well as model variations that came later and the movement of production to Portugal in detail never before attempted. You will see the results here when we're through! Illustration from 1957 ABC brochure courtesy Thomas Fuertig.


  1. As a collector of these often misunderstood portable typewriters, I just dropped by to thank you - and Thomas Fuertig - for this effort.
    Best regards from Portugal

  2. Hi Will
    Not sure if this will reach you but if it does, do you know what happened to Tilman Elster's collection after he died? I'm his first cousin (once removed), although I never met him.