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.Davis Typewriter Works

Monday, November 15, 2010

What is the typewriter on the left? I'll tell you!

The typewriter on the left in the blog header photo is a PREDOM!

Here is the PREDOM. We bought this machine from Your Typewriter & Computer a while back; the experienced staff there got it from a previously bought-out business and had never seen one before.

Now, those who guessed FACIT were kind of close; this machine is descended from the LUCNIK, which was a license produced machine. However, this machine is properly NOT a Luzcnik by the front label that omits, finally, that name and shows the final name variation of this line.

Here is the label on the front of the machine, which is a model 1012 and which we're pretty sure was built in 1986.

Here's the serial plate that's under the left side of the carriage. Our records here (NOMDA blue book) show the PREDOM standard as having been available for several years in the mid-1980's.

The front of the instruction page shows three PREDOM standard and one portable model.

So there's the answer to the mystery - and we're pretty sure that this is (and has been) the only PREDOM standard on any collector site anywhere. It's now no longer hiding in plain sight!


  1. I still say it's a Przybysz.

    (I actually had a student by that name once!)

  2. Late to the game, but I JUST acquired a 1977 Predom International today!
    It's a beast of a machine, but fine quality. Exciting to have found such a uncommon machine.